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Questions about DOPE 2 Submissions

April 8th, 2010

I receive questions daily and want to try and clear up the most common ones.  First off, because this is a yearly publication I did not set an official guideline when I placed the call for submissions.  The deadline has now been set July 1st.  Until then, please submit as much as you like

Secondly for art or photos please send me a high resolution scan, and I will contact you if I need another size. I will do most of the sizing myself.

And finally, yes email submissions are perfectly fine. I simply prefer post submissions because I like to have a hard copy, something I can hold in my hands!

But you may feel free to submit via email at:

Please write with any  more questions!

Thanks, hope this clears up a lot!


6 Responses to “Questions about DOPE 2 Submissions”

  1. Diana Butler - Peck says:

    Is a combination of photography and poetry acceptable? I have one poem in mind that would go very well over a page layout of a photo, perhaps. This is going to be fun. Very dope. Thanks, Diana Butler – Peck

  2. How are you this blog is amazing. Ireckon I have passed on this site a bunch times. You should explore my page. I run a poetry social network peep it and let me know what your opinion is.

  3. LaurieM says:

    I do not see mention of a pay rate for the accepted submissions. What do you pay? Do accepted pieces receive any copies of the magazine?

  4. Debbie Kirk says:

    your payment is a copy of the magazine and the opportunity to read at one of the many release parties!

  5. Debbie Kirk says:

    yes you get one copy

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