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submission guidelines posted here also

April 10th, 2010

2 Responses to “submission guidelines posted here also”

  1. My name is Jeremi Handrinos, and I am the poet and writer horus8.
    I’d love to submit some original writing and art to you, along with purchasing a bit of ad space to promote my online bookstore, Literaturopolis. Thanks.

  2. Debbie Kirk says:

    great, submissions for the next issue start at the first of the year so you can send at that time. I’d love to read your work. You can purchase ad space, and send me the add. We now have paypal setup on the page for that purpose. I am told it sometimes takes a day or two to verify a paypal account thru my bank. So, if you have any trouble, come back in a few days. It sounds like something my readers would definitely be interested in!

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