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Want to advertise your goods in DOPE Magazine?

June 24th, 2010

If you are promoting or selling poetry, art, or anything in between DOPE Magazine is now offering a limited number of ad spaces. $5.00 for a half page ad and $10.00 for a whole page ad. Send jpegs or gifs. if possible when you send me your ad.
send to If you don’t send me the ad. I can’t put it in the magazine and your money will be refunded and well that would really just be a waste of time now, wouldn’t it?

Thanks so much for your interest in DOPE Magazine.

Thanks, please write with any questions.

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5 Responses to “Want to advertise your goods in DOPE Magazine?”

  1. Fawn Neun says:

    Would absolutely love to buy ad space – can we pay now and submit the ad sometime before you go to print?

  2. Debbie Kirk says:

    well, I’d rather you submit the ad and I take a looksie. If everything is golden, I’ll find a space for it and then we can worry about payment. BTW, I think your magazine would get A LOT of responses with ad space in this mag! I would love to have you!.
    Thanks so much

  3. Fawn Neun says:

    Well, I need to tell our art folks to design something, but don’t want to lose the space. :)

  4. Debbie Kirk says:

    tell you what, I like you guys, I’ll save you a space.

  5. Debbie Kirk says:

    I do about 500 copies up front then print on demand. I distribute myself thru small bookstores and web sites.

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